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Meghna & Kush

Venue: Harding Waterfront Estate
Photographer: Noaza Studios

Meghna and Kush's traditional Hindu morning ceremony in June was a picturesque celebration held outdoors, adorned with the vibrant beauty of roses and lush greenery within their Mandap. The pastel hues added a soft, elegant touch to the ambiance. The day was brimming with joy, laughter, and an abundance of love, making it a beautiful and memorable start to their journey as a married couple.

Julia & Paris

Venue: The Chase
Photographer: Rita Kravchuk Photography

Julia and Paris celebrated their love with a chic downtown Toronto wedding held at a trendy city restaurant. Their rooftop ceremony featured a stunning altar adorned with a delicate arch of babies' breath, creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere. As the evening progressed, guests enjoyed a delightful dinner and were enchanted by a champagne tower, followed by dancing under the starlit sky, making their celebration a truly magical affair.

Isha & Ankit

Venue: The Arlington Estate
Photographer: Garima Singh Studios

All the way from San Francisco, Isha & Ankit’s vision for their wedding was to bring the golden coast’s sunset to Toronto. Over a year of working together, we planned their traditional Hindu ceremony to take place outdoors surrounded by nature’s beauty and a warm colour palette infused by gorgeous flowers. For their reception, the ballroom was filled with hues of blushes, oranges and greenery through taupe linens, amber goblets and custom stationery. The evening was filled with the couple’s favourite Indian dishes from paneer bruschetta on grilled crostini to pav bhaji, their favourite music serenaded by a flute and a night filled with dancing with their favourite people.

Wendy & Mannie

Venue: The Doctor’s House
Photographer: Shot Life Studio
Cinematographer: Zenith Entertainment
Publication: As seen in WedLuxe

Over the course of 8 months in getting to know Wendy & Mannie, we knew their wedding was going to be nothing short of whimsical. The custom-built ceremony altar featured cascading flowers intricately twirling around the structure, creating a breathtaking focal point in bright, colourful, and punchy hues. This cascading touch extended to the head table, which was also custom-built, ensuring a cohesive design element throughout the venue. Upgraded tabletop rentals and linens were carefully selected to harmonize with the colour palette, with light blush table linens and gold tabletop rentals adding an elegant touch. From an interactive seating display, large illuminated games and custom napkins, not a single detail was left untouched.

Megha & Joseph

Venue: Madison Greenhouse
Photographer: Garima Singh Studios

Megha & Joseph’s enchanting wedding unfolded within the ethereal embrace of a stunning greenhouse, infusing nature’s beauty into their special day. Their celebration was a harmonious blend of cultures, highlighted by two heartfelt ceremonies - a civil union and a Hindu ceremony - honouring both of their backgrounds.

Sarah & Shawn

Venue: Caledon Valley Estate
Photographer: Tirath Shergill

Sarah & Shawn’s serene morning ceremony amidst the countryside’s tranquil charm brought an aura of rustic elegance to their barn wedding. A dark and moody romantic reception unfolded the following day, creating a captivating contrast between the two atmospheres, each encapsulating a unique facet of their love story.

Florentina & Thairu

Venue: Private Estate
Photographer: Ania Studios

Nestled in the embrace of a private estate, Florentina and Thairu hosted an intimate wedding brunch in July. Blending seamlessly with the summer backdrop, blush-toned flowers adorned the scene while delectable charcuterie boxes, sparkling toasts and an array of delicious cakes and desserts added a delightful culinary touch to their celebration.

Paul & Daryl

Venue: Oretta
Photographer: Purple Tree Photography

In the heart of downtown Toronto, at the charming Italian restaurant Oretta, Paul & Daryl’s intimate wedding in May was a heartfelt affair. Amidst the restaurant’s cozy ambiance, the couple exchanged vows surrounded by their nearest and dearest. The occasion was made even more special as their entire family traveled from the Philippines and Singapore to join in the celebration, adding a touch of love and togetherness to the joyful atmosphere.

Priya & Adam

Venue: Spencer’s at the Waterfront
Photographer & Cinematographer: Beautiful Life Studios

With the stunning backdrop of Burlington Lakeshore, Priya & Adam’s wedding day unfolded in the vibrant embrace of May’s warmth. The air was filled with the effervescence of spring as their celebration embraced a captivating array of colourful hues and rich tradition. Against the picturesque setting, the couple sang, danced and played Mario Kart the night away!

Natalie & Daniel

Venue: Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex
Photographer: Mango Studios

Natalie & Daniel hosted their nuptials in the beautiful courtyard of one of Toronto’s most popular venues, Liberty Grand. After getting ready at the prestigious Hotel X in the morning, Natalie & Daniel made their way to Sunnyside Pavillion with their closest family and friends for their first look before tying the knot. The evening was filled with warm laughter, great food and a full dance floor accompanied by their band, StereoFlavour.

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