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We have been delighted to work with several clients! Here are some kind works from clients who have chosen SJ Soirée as their event planners:


We hired SJ Soirée for our Dream Wedding for the July 1st, 2017 Canada Day Weekend. From the get go, we hit it off with the team. SJ Soirée understood our vision, goals, and objectives and we were ALWAYS on the same page. They went above and beyond to ensure that all of our events/vendors worked seamlessly to make our Wedding Dreams come true. Not only did they manage our expectations, budgets, they also helped to ensure that us, as a couple, and our families were all on the same page. This made everything easier for us and it really made planning our wedding a breeze. SJ Soirée took care of a lot of details and nitty gritty things as the day came nearer that we never thought of or ever expected. We still rave about their itinerary and their excellent time management/organizational planning skills. When we were exhausted, they took over. Without their constant 24/7 support, we wouldn’t have been as relaxed as we were. We made the right decision to hire SJ Soirée to help us with Wedding Planning. You wont regret giving this team a chance. They have the integrity, passion, and work ethic required to strive in this industry. Don’t believe us, just book a consultation and see for yourself! xoxo Love, Kinny & Ganga”

Kinny & Ganga

With over 800 guests at our wedding, we felt overwhelmed when we started to plan. There was a lot to juggle with researching vendors on top of our other commitments such as work and family. The whole process started to feel like a second job! When we had our initial meeting with the SJ Soirée team, we instantly loved the vibe we got from them. They seemed like such a talented team that genuinely cared about making our wedding a memorable experience. We really appreciated that they had our best interests in mind throughout the whole process and were genuinely invested in making our event unforgettable! SJ Soirée made sure the flow of our wedding was well-planned so we didn’t have to stress about the minor details. We were able to enjoy our special day with our loved ones knowing they had everything under control. When we look back to the many months leading up to our wedding, we can’t imagine not having SJ Soirée with us every step of the way. They were seriously instrumental in our event’s success. We highly recommend this amazing team to future clients whether it is for your wedding or any other special event!! Best wishes, Chander & Jasmine”

Chander & Jasmine