At SJ Soirée, we have an immense passion for culture and adventure and we continue to develop this passion through constant travel. We’ve explored the grounds of many continents and several countries, however there are a few beautiful, artistic, and fast-pace city spots that will always remain our favourite. If you are looking to travel with your friends for a special birthday, a bachelorette party for your sister, or a honeymoon with your significant other, we suggest you keep reading to explore some of the many unique gems that our world has to offer.


We’ve been to several islands in the Caribbean, however Jamaica is truly the greatest island paradise. From crystal clear water to delicious jerk chicken, Jamaica makes for one unforgettable, relaxing vacation.

If you absolutely love meat, jerk chicken should be on the top of your list of foods to eat in Jamaica. Marinated in Jamaican jerk spice, jerk chicken has the right balance of sweet, savoury and heat flavours that will keep you asking for more. Jerk chicken is available pretty much everywhere on the island, however we enjoyed it best on a grill overlooking the sandy, white beaches.    

Credit: Donal Skehan

Speaking of white, sandy beaches, Jamaica is home to some of the most amazing views of the Caribbean Sea. Heavily populated in Montego Bay and Negril, you can find most resorts located here due to the beautiful ocean views. Definitely take advantage of snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.

There are several attractions to take part in during your time in Jamaica, however one that we highly recommend is Dunn’s River Falls. As Jamaica’s national treasure, natural spring water flows through rocks and lagoons at the height of 180 feet. Not only do tourists come to see its beauty, but they actually climb the rocks as the water flows down. It’s quite a thrilling experience, as long as you have someone to hold onto!


If you want to explore luxury, sandy dunes, and out-of-the-world architecture, Dubai is likely to be on the top of your list. Here are some of our favourite things to see and visit in this magnificent city.

The Desert Safari is a thrilling experience like no other where you can enjoy sand skiing, quad biking, camel riding and even dinner under the desert stars. We recommend taking the evening trip than the morning as the desert reaches peak temperatures during the day, dependent on the time of year you are traveling.


Palm Jumeirah is one of the world’s most iconic destinations as it’s a manmade island expanding into the Persian Gulf. Resembling the shape of a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah is home to many luxurious resorts which can be seen most famously by yachts or better yet, a dive down from the sky.

Burj Khalifa should definitely be on your list of things to see in Dubai. It’s the tallest building in the world! You can visit the 124th floor or if you dare, you can choose to go higher. No matter what, the view from the top is remarkably incredible.


Thailand is home to some of the greatest food, most adventurous nightlife, beautiful temples and insanely, gorgeous beaches. Here are some of Jyoti’s top places to visit in Thailand.

Bangkok, also known as the Big Mango, allows you to dive into the Thai culture through religion, food and nightlife. You’ll be sure not to miss a temple as they fill every corner of the city’s streets. Don’t forget to visit Khao San Road for some of the best Pad Thai and of course, enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island filled with breathtaking bays, white beaches and delicious seafood. As it’s a tropical destination, we definitely suggest seeing the Andaman Sea’s beauty through diving, sailing and snorkeling. Make sure to also visit one of Phuket’s most famous beaches, Patong Beach.

Just a 90-minute ferry ride from the mainland, Ko Phi Phi Islands are a tropical getaway surrounded by the Andaman Sea’s breathtaking views. You can make a day-trip to the islands or stay for as long as you want, enjoying their beauty, water activities and terrific nightlife.

Hong Kong

Being quite the traveler, Hong Kong is by far Jyoti’s favourite city. With its beautiful skyline, gorgeous high-peak views, and multicultural city streets, you really do find yourself contemplating on moving to Hong Kong permanently.

Symphony of Lights is a lights show that takes place every night at 8pm. Watching the lights twinkle not only in the night sky, but on tall, architectural buildings will leave you in awe. It is the world’s largest light and sound show and can be watched from the Avenue of Stars (Hong Kong’s Hollywood Walk of Fame) or by taking the StarFerry.

A magnificent way to experience Hong Kong’s true beauty is by elevating yourself 552m above sea level at the famous Victoria Peak. You can take the Peak Tram, a trolly cart that takes 10 minutes to get to the top, or if you choose, you could hike. But let’s face it, the Peak Tram doesn’t leave you breathless.

Hong Kong consists of many markets filled with great finds and delicious food. By visiting one, such as in Kowloon, you feel that you are walking in the middle of China, but from afar you see that you are in one of the most modern cities in the world.

We hope we’ve sparked some travel fun in you. If you are planning a trip or better yet, a destination wedding or event, make sure to check out our destination services and feel free to contact us if you require any advice on travel.