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What Really is a Full-Service Wedding Planner?

What does a full-service wedding planner truly mean when they state, “We plan your wedding from A to Z”? Well, we really do plan your wedding from start to finish. Trust me when we say we do a lot, but what are the benefits for you in hiring a full-service wedding planner? There are plenty, but you really don’t get to experience them until you are in the planning phases. Time and time again after the wedding, our couples will share that they would have been lost without us or they couldn’t possibly imagine planning without us. This always warms our hearts because we played an important role on such an important day for them. So what benefits did they experience as you may be thinking of hiring a full-service wedding planner for your big day? We outline the key benefits below that you may not necessarily be thinking about when looking for a full-service wedding planner.


How to Make Your Wedding Reception Entertaining in 2021

We understand that dancing is an important part of any wedding reception and for this reason, many couples have decided to postpone their wedding to continue the party they’ve always dreamed of. However, we are here to tell you that you can still have a party without dancing.


How to Enhance Your Wedding Guest Experience in 2021

We experienced the elevation in guest experience at 2020 weddings and are seeing the importance of it this year again for the right reasons. From a shift of importance on wedding components such as design and style, couples are simply looking to bring together their loved ones in a safe and entertaining way once again. In this blog, we discuss how you can enhance or elevate your wedding guest experience in 2021.


The Advantages of Hosting a Brunch Wedding

Pre-COVID times, brunch weddings weren’t necessarily as popular because they were considered more intimate, quick and less extravagant. With the change in weddings and options available due to a pandemic, brunch weddings sound like a fabulous idea for 2021, don’t they? Well, we definitely think so!


5 Outdoor Venues in or Around Toronto That Are Perfect for Your 2021 Wedding

We had the pleasure of being a part of a handful of weddings last year. There was something so incredibly magical about these intimate weddings.


Ontario’s COVID-19 Response Framework for 2021 and What This Means for Your Wedding

On February 10th, 2021, Ontario released their plan on how the province will be reopening. They’ve used a 5 stage colour-coded approach in which factors such as weekly incidences, percent positivity and level of community transmissions of COVID-19 will determine which regions in the province can move into which colour-coded stage.


How You Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home This Year

1) Curate a Menu

We’ve been indoors for months so it’s time you take a break from all of the cooking and order in something special for the two of you.


7 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner, Especially Now

1. Wedding Planning is Their Full Time Job

Planning a wedding can take anywhere between 250 to 300 hours or even more depending on the complexity and logistics of the big day. This may not seem like a long time considering you likely have a year to plan, but how do you keep up with planning when you have to keep up with work and social commitments? You likely have a very busy schedule and it could get difficult to schedule in meetings to discuss the types of flowers you’d like at the altar or the location options for your wedding day photos. A wedding planner will take these responsibilities off your plate, all while ensuring they get your approval on big decisions.


Love is Not Cancelled! Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You’ve Had to Postpone

We feel incredibly devastated for our clients and all the couples who have had to postpone or cancel their wedding due to COVID-19 this year. If you’ve had to put your plans on hold, we’re here to remind you that love is not cancelled! We want you to celebrate your original wedding date because it still holds importance. You chose the date for a reason and although the celebrations are happening at a later date, it’s important to celebrate the love between you and your partner. With that said, here are 5 ways you can still celebrate your original wedding date during this pandemic:


When To Book Your Wedding Vendors

Congratulations on this exciting time of your lives! The proposal has been planned, the jitters of popping the question have disappeared and the engagement ring is shining bright as ever. With feelings of excitement, joy and love, this time can also make you feel a bit overwhelmed as you’re now beginning to realize you have to start planning for the big day. When do you have to book a venue? When should you book your beauty vendor? How far out do you have to book your florist? Photographer? Caterer? The list goes on!

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