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7 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner, Especially Now

1. Wedding Planning is Their Full Time Job

Planning a wedding can take anywhere between 250 to 300 hours or even more depending on the complexity and logistics of the big day. This may not seem like a long time considering you likely have a year to plan, but how do you keep up with planning when you have to keep up with work and social commitments? You likely have a very busy schedule and it could get difficult to schedule in meetings to discuss the types of flowers you’d like at the altar or the location options for your wedding day photos. A wedding planner will take these responsibilities off your plate, all while ensuring they get your approval on big decisions.


Love is Not Cancelled! Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You’ve Had to Postpone

We feel incredibly devastated for our clients and all the couples who have had to postpone or cancel their wedding due to COVID-19 this year. If you’ve had to put your plans on hold, we’re here to remind you that love is not cancelled! We want you to celebrate your original wedding date because it still holds importance. You chose the date for a reason and although the celebrations are happening at a later date, it’s important to celebrate the love between you and your partner. With that said, here are 5 ways you can still celebrate your original wedding date during this pandemic:


When To Book Your Wedding Vendors

Congratulations on this exciting time of your lives! The proposal has been planned, the jitters of popping the question have disappeared and the engagement ring is shining bright as ever. With feelings of excitement, joy and love, this time can also make you feel a bit overwhelmed as you’re now beginning to realize you have to start planning for the big day. When do you have to book a venue? When should you book your beauty vendor? How far out do you have to book your florist? Photographer? Caterer? The list goes on!


10 Wedding Projects You Can Complete During Quarantine

It may seem that life is on a standstill from this pandemic, but our stories in this beautiful world are still continuing. This is just another challenge in that journey. And what do challenges teach us? They teach us how to become stronger. We may be quarantined at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work on our careers, our self-care and our relationships. This also means you don’t need to stop planning for your wedding!


Wedding Planning Amongst COVID-19

These last 4 days have been a whirlwind for the world as the number of cases for COVID-19 continues to climb and social gatherings hit a halt. The events industry has been affected greatly and for many brides and grooms, the idea of postponing their wedding is becoming very real. As couples are confused, stressed and anxious, I’ve decided to create this blog post to help you take a few steps forward if you are finding yourself in this tricky situation.


20 Unique Proposal Ideas for 2020

1. Eco-Friendly

Enjoy bike riding, long walks on the beach or hiking? Then choose a local park, beach or trail! Make sure to pick a spot with a scenic background especially if you are thinking of hiring a photographer to capture the moment.


A Rustic & Minimalist Holiday Tablescape

Red comes alive during the holidays, don’t you agree? Red stockings, red ribbons, red nails and even red coffee cups. And of course, we can’t forget the jolly, white-bearded man in his red suit!


Wedding Cake Trends for 2020!

1. Textures

Although we discuss the hand-painted cakes trend in our 5 Wedding Trends We Predict for 2020 blog, we are seeing the emergence of textured wedding cakes overall. And a lot of these textures are created by using a palette knife painting technique that many cake artists are loving.


Wedding Dress Trends for 2020!

1. Glamorous Feathers

Once considered overused and overdone, feathers have made a chic and glamorous comeback to wedding gowns. And designers are not shying away from this luxury trend. Feathers are being used for bold sleeves, elegant trims or simply for the entire wedding gown.


5 Wedding Trends We Predict for 2020!

1. A Green Wedding

With climate change on the rise, we all want to do what we can to help the earth. And a lot of people are doing just that by beginning with their big day. We’re not saying brides are choosing to wear biodegradable paper dresses or choosing toilet-less receptions. There are many ways couples are choosing to be green and sustainable on their wedding day without having to sacrifice their vision or budget.