If you feel like you are running out of time, missing a few key details or simply looking to save some money, here are the 10 things you can purchase on Amazon that will put you at ease.

1. Emergency Kit

Unfortunately, things are bound to come up on your wedding day. You could get your lipstick on your dress, your bridesmaids’ strap on her gown could tear, or your soon-to-be husband may have red eyes due to a lack of sleep. With that said, I strongly recommend purchasing a toiletry bag and filling it up with small problem-solving items such as a Tide to Go Pen, safety pins, bobby pins, Visine, makeup, deodorant, perfume, tissues, tampons and mints. If you have a wedding planner, you’ll find relief in the fact that we carry an emergency kit containing several items to solve pretty much anything that would come up on your big day.

2. Umbrella

Will you be taking post-ceremony photos outside? Having an umbrella on the day-of is crucial if mother-nature is not on your side. But, I don’t recommend purchasing just any umbrella. You can incorporate your umbrella into your photos if you find the right one. I recommend purchasing an umbrella similar to the one here for cute captures.

3. Reserved Signs

You wouldn’t want your distant co-worker to sit in Grandma Ruth’s seat at the ceremony would you? In that case, I recommend purchasing reserved signs for the first few rows of your ceremony. And if you’re not planning on having a seating arrangement for your reception, I strongly suggest you place reserved signs on the tables nearest your stage or sweetheart table for family and close friends.

4. Easels

Typically, your venue will likely have only one or two easels made available for you to place your canvas or seating board. However, if your venue is large and requires a lot of directional signage or if you simply want to showcase more canvases of you and your fiancé, I recommend purchasing your own easel in the event your venue does not have enough to supply. Here’s an example of an easel you could purchase.

5. Ring Box

Of course the engagement ring and wedding bands come in their own ring boxes – at least I hope they would! But what if you’re having a rustic wedding and want to capture your rings in a rustic way? You may want to purchase wooden ring boxes for your photographer to capture some neat shots. Or what if you simply don’t like the ring boxes they came in with? You can always purchase ring boxes on Amazon that fit your needs and wants.

6. Flower Girl Basket

Are you incorporating a beloved flower girl in your wedding? If so, Amazon will be your best friend for purchasing a basket for her. There are a variety of baskets that can fit your style and theme and at the same time, are extremely affordable. A few even come with ring pillows and guestbooks! Here’s an example of one you can purchase.

7. Loose Petals

Speaking of flower girl baskets, are you planning on having her throw loose petals as she walks down the aisle? Will you also be incorporating loose petals on your receiving table or in other areas throughout your reception? Once again, Amazon has a variety of choices from different colours to different textures to fit your needs.

8. Wedding Card Box

My first suggestion would be to ask your decor vendor if they have wedding card boxes available for rent, but if they don’t, my second suggestion would be to purchase one. You can always use these boxes for decorative pieces around the house afterwards or you can simply sell it. Just a friendly tip, ensure you purchase a wedding card box that has a slot wide enough to fit all different sized cards. Trust me, there will be guests who bring an awkwardly large card so make sure it fits! Not sure what kind of wedding card box to get? Here’s my favourite because you can actually personalize it.

9. Place Card Holders

Need helping finding place card holders? Search no more because Amazon has a bunch! From heart-shaped stands to elephant holders and pineapple slots, you could search for hours trying to make up your mind on what to select. I would recommend finding place card holders that represent your theme as I always believe the small details are what makes your day unique.

10. Cake Knife & Server

There is always a misconception that your cake vendor or your venue will provide a cake knife and server for you. If they do, then hold onto these gems for a long time because this is rare! Most of the times, you will need to purchase your own cake knife and server so instead of having to use your venue’s flatware which would look extremely odd in your photos, I strongly suggest you purchase a set from Amazon. Once again, it’s all in the details! Here’s an example of a set you could purchase.

I hope this helped you with saving time, money and stress! If you’re looking for more tips and advice for your big day, be sure to check out a few of my other blogs here. If you’re looking for a wedding planner or day-of coordinator because the details may be overwhelming you, you can always contact me by filling out your wedding details here.