So you’ve been planning your special day ensuring that it fits yours and your partner’s personality and unique style. You’ve figured out all the big items like your cake, decor and entertainment. Now what? Its time to start considering the smaller items to check off on your to-do list which includes……(*insert drumroll*)……..your guestbook!

We have all been to at least a handful of weddings where there has been a pretty table set up with a standard guestbook. At most there are a couple of colourful pens placed on this table so that you can get mildly creative with when signing your congratulatory messages to the happy couple. At SJ Soirée, we believe that a guestbook does not have to be a standard procedure where guests go through the motion and not reminisce upon after your wedding. If you are striving to make your guestbook into a memorable experience which embodies your personality, then keep reading!

A guestbook should be viewed as an element of your decor and theme. It is an opportunity to share your hobbies and interests with your guests and differentiate your wedding.

1. Wish upon a stone

One of the most differentiated alternative guestbooks we’ve come across is wishing stones! All you need is some smooth river washed wishing stones and some sharpies for your guests to write their heartfelt well wishes for you! You can create a pretty set-up for your guests by placing vases or a wide clear glass bowl with water and lily pads floating to create a pond for your guests to insert their signed wishing stones in. You can get the traditional river washed wishing stones from Etsy or Amazon and the trick is make sure they are very flat, so it is easy for your guests to sign them. Permanent markers in black or white are the easiest to read on the rock surfaces and this will ensure that the ink does not get dissolved if the rocks are placed in water. The possibilities of how to use the signed wishing stones in your home are endless! For example, the signed wishing stones can be made into a rock garden in your home or placed in a vase for your mantle as a decorative piece which is sure to be a conversation starter! You can also get creative with the rocks themselves by selecting rocks that go with your event theme such as black stones which are more modern, rose gold rocks to go with your rose champagne theme or the original rock colours if you want a more rustic and vintage feel.

2. Leave your guests puzzled!

Do you love to do puzzles with your friends and loved ones? Well then, do we have an amazing alternative guestbook idea for you! Having a puzzle on your guestbook table as a substitute of the traditional guestbook will create a fun activity for your guests to take part in. Not only will your guests enjoy having a “piece” of themselves in this guestbook but you will also be able to enjoy putting it together in an unconventional way. You can have a puzzle which is wooden if you want to tie it into your rustic theme or it could be tailored to be any colour or shape that you want. It could be in the shape of a heart, a map if you love to travel, a tree if you like to hike, the possibilities are endless! You can tie in this guestbook to your hobbies and interest by making it into a particular shape and have fun putting it together for years to come. This creative concept will definitely give your guests a very special experience!

3. Rustic chic and one with nature

A recent trend we’ve seen is the wooden hearts on which guests can write their message on and place in a drop-top wedding frame. However, individuals can put a twist on this trendy concept by having wooden leaves instead of hearts arranged in a tree. Your guests can sign the leaves and leave their well wishes for you. This alternative guestbook would still have a rustic feel if that is what your theme is and could also represent your personalities if you enjoy being in the outdoors. Below is an example of a custom made rustic tree guest book which can be stained to your choice of colour.

4. Turn your love for travel into your guestbook. Guest-globe anyone?

Do you love to travel with your partner, friends or family? If you want to share your love for travel on your big day, why not go completely out-of-the box with your guestbook and have them sign a globe instead! Your guests will not be expecting this when they come to sign your guestbook and will be pleasantly surprised by your creativity to showcase your interests. You could set up your signing table with a picture montage of places you’ve been with your loved ones in a shadow box. This alternative guest book is ideal for couples who are looking to personalise their special day! You can customize your globe by making it different colours, having a special quote on it or by having a map with pins on the places you’ve visited. Below are some examples of guest-globes to get you inspired about this adventure!

5. Wine not?

Are you an avid wine lover? Well then, do we have some amazing alternative guestbook ideas for you! Instead of having guests sign a book, wine not have them sign wine bottles? There are no limitations to what shape or size your guestbook needs to be so why not break the traditional mould. You could have black or gold sharpie pens for guests to sign black wine bottles so that it becomes a statement piece for you to display in your home. You could also have white or any other colours you desire to go with your home decor or your wedding theme.

If you want to take this concept one step further, you could also have your guests leave messages for your future anniversaries! As they say, “marriage is like fine wine, if tended properly, it just gets better with age.”

To execute this concept, you will need four wine bottles which represent your 1st, 5th, 10th and your 15th anniversary on which your guests can write their messages. Alternatively, you can have your guests scribble their messages onto parchments of paper which they will insert into each of these bottles to offer you advice and well wishes!

6. For the record, vinyl is in.

A guestbook can be in harmony with your wedding theme and your hobbies and if you love making music or listening to music then having vinyl records as your guestbook is perfect for you! Not only would this be a unique and special experience for your guests, but this would be a timeless decorative piece for your home for years to come! All you need is some silver or gold sharpie pens and black vinyl records which you could personalize by creating a custom label with your monogram and your wedding date. If you are having a Great Gatsby or vintage chic theme, this would be a great element to bring the whole theme together.

7. Strike the right cord with your guests

Calling all music lovers – we’ve got an alternative guest book which is sure to strike the right cord with your guests! Having a guitar at your wedding for your guests to sign will be a lot more fun than a traditional guestbook! This concept could appeal to you if you are a country music lover, you love playing the guitar or if you simply desire a unique element to your vintage barn wedding! To further customize our guitar, you can have your wedding date or a song lyric that holds a deep meaning for you engraved into the guitar to give it a personal touch! This idea will be a hit at your wedding and allow your guests to create a melody of well wishes for you.

Looking for more creative ideas for your guestbook or other unique ways to personalize your wedding, corporate event or other soirée’s in Toronto? Contact SJ Soirée to book a consultation! We would love to assist you in executing your vision and aside from consulting services, we also offer planning and coordination services as well. We look forward to hearing from you!