1. Greenery, and Lots of It

Did you catch a glimpse of towering trees, natural runners or overflowing foliage in the GTA this wedding season?

Bringing the outdoors in was a dominant decor trend this year and it’s here to stay as the 2019 season gradually approaches us. From aisles and altars to bouquets and centrepieces, greenery truly provided variety and texture to the traditional floral arrangements we’ve seen over the years. The seeded eucalyptus and Italian ruscus were a few greenery favourites and it’s said to be that other forms of greenery, such as plants and herbs will flourish for the new season.

2. A High-Tech Twist

Are you looking to create an enchanted forest for your October event in Toronto but don’t want to host the party outside? Or are you looking to organize a night full of spells and charms from Harry Potter but are afraid the event won’t live up to its name? With the help of projection mapping, you can create the theme you desire and still keep it authentic and affordable. Projection mapping, also called video mapping, allows you to transform your venue into an entirely unique and interactive environment for your guests through visual stimulation. How? It’s simple. Projection mapping projects images on any surface you want – walls, ceilings and even cake! With this savvy technology, you are able to visualize, customize and instantaneously change the story you want to tell at your event.

3. Why Sit When You Can Float?

Hanging and suspended flowers has been a dramatic trend sweeping weddings in the last couple of seasons. And it’s only becoming more popular. This floral design truly brings innovation, elegance and depth to any event. Instead of opting for traditional centrepieces, you can save space for your guests at the table, not to mention costs, by hanging florals and foliage. On the other hand, you can choose to create a breathtaking focal point above the dance floor or perhaps the cake. Whatever you choose, hanging and suspended flowers are sure to provide your guests with a lasting visual impact.

4. Statement Long-Sleeves

Do you recall the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? Did you catch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this summer? Both weddings had something in common that is influencing bridal runways – statement long-sleeves. From lace to sequin, long-sleeve wedding dresses have been a timeless trend that always provide a chic, playful and sophisticated look for every bride. Not only do they give off a tasteful vibe, they are also ideal for the colder months and perfect for the conservative bride. It’ll be exciting to see what the 2019 season unfolds for long-sleeve wedding dresses.

5. It’s Blowing Up, Literally

From canopy installations, cascading designs, blooming arches and tassel-lined centrepieces, balloons are blowing into the new statement trend at weddings. Literally. The options are truly endless on how you can incorporate balloons into your wedding. Flower girl bouquets, aisle markers, and food station decor are some other unique ways to utilize this trend. Not only is this timeless decor being incorporated on the big day, but is also being used at engagement shoots and bridal showers. Balloons have always been undeniably fun, so why not bring the element of fun to your guests and impress them with some whimsical decor?

Are you looking to incorporate some of these themes for your next soirée, but require assistance with event planning and creating your specific vision? Contact SJ Soirée and setup a free initial meeting to understand how they can help you plan and coordinate your event!