We feel incredibly devastated for our clients and all the couples who have had to postpone or cancel their wedding due to COVID-19 this year. If you’ve had to put your plans on hold, we’re here to remind you that love is not cancelled! We want you to celebrate your original wedding date because it still holds importance. You chose the date for a reason and although the celebrations are happening at a later date, it’s important to celebrate the love between you and your partner. With that said, here are 5 ways you can still celebrate your original wedding date during this pandemic:

1) Host a Ceremony at Home

If you already have a marriage license or can obtain one before your original wedding date and can have an officiant with two witnesses present (this will depend on your government and city regulations surrounding marriage licenses and social gatherings), you can definitely think about legally tying the knot while saving the in-person celebration for later. Or you can hold a ceremonious celebration with an officiant and your family and friends virtually. Whichever direction you choose to go, we recommend asking your photographer and/or cinematographer if they feel comfortable in shooting the celebration while keeping a safe social distance. How great would it be if your videographer captured the celebration and added it to your wedding highlight video to display at the postponed wedding date. Even if they cannot attend in person, having them capture these moments virtually would be just as memorable. If you’re thinking about hosting a virtual wedding ceremony, then we suggest you take the following steps:

a) Check on the legalities surrounding marriage licenses if you want to make it legal
b) Choose the right platform to virtually host the wedding (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Instagram Live)
c) Don’t forget to invite your guests
d) Dress up (you can choose to wear your original wedding attire or slip on something semi-casual such as a pretty floral dress)
e) When it comes to hair and makeup, you can decide to completely do it yourself or have your hair and makeup stylists lead you virtually
f) Last but not least, dress up the space with a few flowers and candles!

2) Hold a Mini-Photo Session

What better way to celebrate than dressing up and getting your pictures taken? There are several photographers who are hosting safe and socially distanced photography sessions from the comfort of their clients’ doorsteps for birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones. Why not ask your wedding photographer to take pictures of you and your partner on your original wedding date? You can dress up and have fun with it! You can then use these photos to display throughout the reception on your postponed wedding date and also ask your photographer to incorporate the photos in your final wedding album for memories down the road. Once again, do your research with your photographer on what is allowed in your city.

3) Host an Extravagant Dinner

Reach out to your wedding caterer and ask if they can cater the dinner that was planned for your wedding reception for the two of you or you can have a meal delivered from one of your favourite fancy restaurants. Or you can simply cook a fancy, gourmet dinner. To help create a romantic ambiance, we recommend renting fancy tableware and lighting up candles for a romantic, extravagant tablescape. Don’t forget the wine! Or better yet, pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate your love.

4) Organize a Car Parade

You may be itching to see your family and friends simply because this was the day you were to celebrate with your loved ones. Dependent on your government and city’s regulations, have your bridal party organize a car parade for you so that you can celebrate the day with the ones you love most – but from a safe distance. If you can get your photographer and/or cinematographer to safely capture the car parade provided you are abiding by your city’s regulations, it’ll make for some great memories in your wedding video highlights and wedding album.

5) Create Your Slideshow

Oftentimes, couples who have planned to display a slideshow at their wedding reception wait last-minute to gather their images to put them together. It’s no easy task so why not do this now and view your slideshow on your original wedding date over some great food and wine. You can take the time to fully enjoy all of the pictures and memories you have with your partner from the beginning of your relationship to now. What better way to celebrate your love than seeing your love grow over the years? Trust us also when we say that couples don’t often notice their wedding reception slideshow because there can be so much going on that day. Take the time to enjoy now!

We’ve given you a few options on how to celebrate your original wedding date. Even if you choose not to do any of the options mentioned, we hope you celebrate in one small way or another. We understand it’s going to be a difficult time as your wedding date nears, but it’s important to celebrate the love between you and your partner because that’s what truly matters. And when it’s time for the celebration, it’ll be that much sweeter. If you need help in putting together a small ceremony at home or looking for advice in general, feel free to contact us here and we’d be happy to bring some joy on your original wedding date.