1. Eco-Friendly

Enjoy bike riding, long walks on the beach or hiking? Then choose a local park, beach or trail! Make sure to pick a spot with a scenic background especially if you are thinking of hiring a photographer to capture the moment. If you are choosing to visit a national park, you can contribute to its sustainability by making a donation. Whatever you choose as your outdoor spot, all we ask is to bring along a backpack – you don’t want to lose the ring!

2. Helpless Romantic

Love a romantic night setting? Book your favourite hotel for a night out and use one of their event rooms to pop the question. Perhaps the hotel has a room that oversees the city skyline or the beautiful outdoors! You can rent out marquee letters and spell out “MARRY ME?”, “LOVE” or your couple initials as a few ideas. And don’t forget the rose petals and an abundance of candles – the more candles, the more romance!

3. Unscramble Love

Do you and your partner enjoy a quiet night playing board games? If so, cook a romantic meal and propose while playing your favourite board game! Or you can hit up your favourite board game cafe for game night. Here are some board games that would work great for popping the question: Scrabble, Pictionary and Monopoly! These are just our suggestions, but you can pretty much play any board game and get creative.

4. Take a Plunge

If you and your partner are professional scuba divers or have always wanted to explore the ocean’s bottom, a scuba diving proposal may just be the answer you are looking for. It’s definitely a unique idea and not often done. If you have an upcoming vacation and feel it’s the right time to pop the question, then squeeze in a scuba diving excursion. You are probably wondering how you’ll ask. Type out what you’d like to say along with the big question, laminate them and bring them along! Get the excursion crew in on the know beforehand so they can provide you with a few tips and tricks.

5. Hugely Classic

Flowers and champagne are pretty much the bread and butter of any proposal. But what if you thought bigger and longer? There are several floral companies that sell flowers which last you over a year and their arrangements are not only grand, but also luxurious. Our favourite is Venus et Fleur! You can customize and design your order in any way you want and they also ship worldwide. With a few of their products in our own home, trust us when we say their flowers smell amazing and truly last. Because of their longevity, it’d be a great reminder of the special day as you near your wedding. Top off your proposal with champagne and these flowers and you have yourself a hugely classic, romantic proposal.

6. Milestone Movie

Are you and your partner movie connoisseurs? Take your partner to go watch a movie at a vintage theatre and have “Will you marry me?” displayed in place of the movie’s title outside the theatre. For another idea, you could rent out a small theatre room and show a short film of all your memories together and then pop the question! Or, if you want to be extra special, you can do what Leo Loechler did and recreate your partner’s favourite Disney movie to resemble the both of you. This proposal will definitely be going down in the history books!

7. Relax and Get Comfy

Want to keep your proposal intimate, cozy and relaxed? Think about a picnic dinner, a canoe ride or a walk under the stars. Who says proposing at home isn’t romantic? You can prepare a delicious, home-cooked meal and pop the question during dinner or have a room decorated for the proposal afterwards. Not into dinner? Prepare brunch for your partner instead and have it ready to go before they wake up. Whichever route you take, a relaxed and comfy proposal is just as romantic as any other – it’s always the thought and effort that counts.

8. Cuteness Overload

Nothing is cuter than including your pets in your proposal! If you and your partner have a pet, then definitely consider this option. You could attach the engagement ring to your pet’s collar, create a customized name tag, hang a sign from your pet’s neck or create a trail of pet treats. If you want to go the extra mile, you can surprise your partner with a new pet and when they’re not looking, bend the knee! However you choose to include your pet in your special moment, it will definitely be pawsome.

9. Beachside Proposal

A beach proposal is always romantic whether you’re thinking of going laid-back or celeb-worthy. You can prepare lanterns on a boardwalk during the night, a sweetheart table with a delicious dinner, musicians or a band to play your favourite love song, a message in the sand or a bottle, or go sailing. Whichever direction you choose to go, just remember this is exactly how Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez!

10. Planned Vacation

Have an upcoming vacation and traveling somewhere you know will have a killer, scenic background? Then think about proposing abroad! Make sure to plan the day and ensure your partner dresses appropriately. You can pretend to go out for a fancy dinner or a night-out. If you plan on proposing in your hotel, then get the hotel staff involved. We also highly suggest you have it captured. If you want to hire a photographer, you can look into hiring one from your hometown that can travel with you (but separately of course) or hire a local one in the destination you are traveling to.

11. Written In the Sky

Sometimes, love is not written in the stars. It can simply be written in the sky. Take your proposal to new heights with skywriting! You can have “Marry Me?” written in the sky with your partner’s name topping over your favourite spot; whether it be downtown in the city you love or on the mountain top of your favourite hiking trail. If you find the winds are going to be strong for the day of your proposal, shorten the saying to the one seen in the image here so that the message is visible. And of course, choose a day with clear skies!

12. A Magical Evening

What comes to your mind when you think of a magical proposal? You are definitely right if you are thinking of Walt Disney World. Finding a place to propose however can be a bit tricky. Lucky for you, the resort has a dedicated wedding team that can help you out and also provide an on-site photographer. If Disney World isn’t in the cards for you, you can create your own magical moments. Our favourite is dressing a gazebo with string lights and proposing in the night sky. Proposing in the snow or on a ferris wheel are equally as magical.

13. Dive Right In

Are you an adventurous couple? Looking for a thrill? Why not skydive right into the proposal? If you’re not a professional skydiver, then a tandem jump is required which means you have to skydive alongside a professional. With that said, you can have your partner skydive while you wait for them to land, ready to pop the question or you can tandem jump together and propose as soon as you get down. No matter the way, a skydiving proposal seriously reaches an entire new meaning of extreme.

14. Propose from the Lift

Enjoy skiing during the winter season? Take your proposal to new heights by proposing from the ski lift! You can pretend to be looking at the view and have your partner look down to “Will you marry me?” written in the snow. Of course, discuss the proposal with the ski resort and have them help you plan it out beforehand. Not up for the ski lift idea? You can also choose a high slope and propose from there because chances are, the ski resort will have a spectacular view.

15. High as the Mountains

Want to make your partner feel that they are on top of the world? Mountains may just be the answer you have been looking for! There are so many beautiful mountains you can choose from; from a mountain located close to you or a mountain on your next planned vacation. Don’t feel that you have to climb Mount Everest to pop the question! Before embarking on this journey, we recommend the following: determine how many days you’d want to hike, engage the organizers and choose a trail where cars are not present to avoid noise. Good luck!

16. An Adventure to Remember

Has the movie, “P.S. I Love You” inspired you? If so, take your partner on a scavenger hunt! You can leave them a note starting from the house all the way through the city. You can leave love notes at your favourite restaurant, favourite park and even favourite movie theatre. And as the last destination, your partner can find you at the place where you both met or cherish the most and pop the question! If you are choosing a venue such as a restaurant, then we definitely recommend getting the staff involved so that they are in the know. Best of luck and happy hunting!

17. Bookmark It

Is your partner a bookworm? Are you both bookworms? How about replacing your partner’s bookmark in their favourite book to spell out the big question? Once your partner reads the question, you can be ready on the side of the bed (or wherever your favourite reading spot is) ready to pop the question. You can also propose at your local library or one in the city that holds a lot of rich history and character. How awesome would it be if you both are searching for a book through the computer, find the aisle and shelf in which it’s located and find a book stating the big question?

18. A Food Tour

Are you and your partner food connoisseurs? If so, why not share and experience your love story through food? For starters, make a list of your favourite restaurants around the city and make sure these restaurants can take reservations. You can book a restaurant for each course. For example, reserve the first restaurant for a soup or salad. Head to another one to enjoy an appetizer. Travel to the third for the main course. And end off the meal with your favourite dessert destination followed by the big question. It’ll definitely be the icing on top of the cake for your partner!

19. Snapped Perfectly

Looking for a picture perfect moment? Look no further with a photo booth proposal! You can rent a photo booth and have it located on the route to where you’d like to head with your partner. Get inside and let the shutters do all the clicking. There is no way you will miss your partner’s reaction! For the ultimate surprise, you can have your family and friends waiting outside to congratulate both of you.

20. Rise & Shine

Do you and your partner love coffee? Or can’t leave the house without making your favourite cup of tea? Before you propose of course, get a customized mug that spells “Will you marry me?” on the inside at the bottom of the mug. Wake up extra early and make your partner breakfast with their favourite mug of coffee or tea. Casually drink it with them and get prepared to pop the question as soon as they finish and realize what is written at the bottom of their mug!

Still looking for more ideas for an epic proposal or simply need help? Contact us and we will plan the picture perfect moment as you get down on one knee.