1. Textures

Although we discuss the hand-painted cakes trend in our 5 Wedding Trends We Predict for 2020 blog, we are seeing the emergence of textured wedding cakes overall. And a lot of these textures are created by using a palette knife painting technique that many cake artists are loving. It’s a unique cake decorating technique that allows cake artists to manipulate the texture of buttercream and royal icing to create the beautiful floral patterns we often see on these trendy cake designs. This technique truly gives a cake its striking, elegant and beautiful look. On the other hand, we have cake artists using paint brushes to hand-paint designs from floral work to theme work which speaks to our earlier point about hand-painted cakes. Creating texture through buttercream or hand-painting floral patterns, these cakes will definitely be everywhere in 2020.

2. Colours

Look at this cake! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s also ‘classic blue’ which is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020. Couples are likely to make bold and risky choices on smaller details of their wedding like the cake as opposed to larger components such as the venue when it comes to being atypical or different than traditional weddings. And we definitely agree! If you want to experiment with colour, then make a bold move and use the cake! What we really like about this particular cake is that it also plays with different shapes and tiers – it’s definitely not your traditional wedding cake. Be open to experimenting with colours, especially ones that match your theme. Colours say a lot about the couple and if you can showcase your personality and love through your cake, then your wedding becomes that much more personalized. Everybody wants a unique and personalized wedding, right?

3. Alternatives

Not a cake person but still looking for a dessert statement piece? No problem! Similar to this macaron cake, clients are opting for alternatives to wedding cakes such as cheese, doughnuts, pancakes and even pie cakes! These are typically the centrepiece and focal point for a gorgeous and delicious dessert spread accompanied by smaller desserts such as cake pops, ice cream, and chocolate. But who says you can’t cut into these during the actual cake cutting ceremony? It’s your wedding so anything flies! Nonetheless, these cake alternatives including the dessert table are great ideas as they contain variety, can be lavish in size and ultimately create a fun and unique experience for your guests.